Anything can happen.

We all know that. One minute the kids were playing in the garden and the next the ball goes flying through the window. Can also be the gardener mowing the grass and the blade sends a stone hidden somewhere in the grass flying through your glass sliding door, painful we know, or worst case scenario, somebody breaks in, still not good news in any day.

No matter what happened to your window in your home or office,  the upside is, we are here to help.

Here is what we can do for you in a time like this:

  • Glass Window Replacement
  • Sliding Door Glass Replacement
  • Aluminum Window Glass Replacement
  • Aluminum Door Glass Replacement
  • Wooden Window Glass Replacement
  • Wooden Door  Glass Replacement
  • Shopfront Glass Replacement
  • Sliding Door Glass Replacement
  • Folding Stacking Door Glass Replacements
  • Putty Glazing

We have glass stock available from the standard 4mm float glass as well as safety 6.38mm laminated shatterproof glass.

We also service all your home and commercial sliding doors, folding/ stacking doors, sliding windows, e.t.c. All you need to do is REQUEST A FREE QUOTE ONLINE


For glass repairs (both doors and windows ), in order to speed up the service delivery, a couple of pictures of the damage will be of great use.

Maybe one with a close up of the damage and the second a full picture showing the entire door or window. This can be emailed to [email protected] or sent via WhatsApp to 011 568 4669

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